Entertaining Games brings this experience to every endeavour. No project is too big or too small.

Interface between corporate management and development, often including working with company executives (VP/President), sales, marketing, QA, and hardware production
Resource planning and scheduling for projects including negotiations and prioritization of feature sets, team sizes, and release dates
Design and implementation of development processes
Direct multiple simultaneous projects (60+ projects since 2000) with internal and external development teams. Developers have been spread across the U.S. as well as overseas. Development staff has included software and hardware engineers, graphics and audio artists, QA, designers, and producers.
"Point man" in technical customer relationships such as working with Intel as an early test location for hardware and software, development for Microsoft games group, working with graphic hardware designers (located in Japan) at Data East creating custom ASICs, and companies like S3 or Psygnosis in the UK.
Team building including training/mentoring/hiring/firing/evaluations

Software Design and Implementation:
20+ years programming experience in C/C++
Years of programming experience in Swift
Years of experience in Java
Combining Objective-C and C/C++ to leverage existing codebases on new platforms
Years of C#, Visual Studio extensions (add-ins) to support development (compile and interactive debugging) of Linux software from within VS.Net and applications development
Multiple applications in Flash and ActionScript
Many custom tools and engines including custom word processors, scripting languages, spreadsheet, and data base managers with programmer APIs
Networking using various technologies including TCP/IP, DirectPlay, and NetBios in both peer-to-peer and client-server configurations.
Compilers and interpreters used in building custom scripting languages
Graphic file compression libraries with data serialization and custom video streaming codecs
Porting from OS to OS (Windows - Linux - Mac - iOS), rendering systems (custom - Glide - OpenGL - DirectX), and hardware platform (PC - handheld - console)
Years of experience in various assembler languages (6502, 6800, 68000, x86)
Creation of multiple games using DirectX and Managed DirectX, OpenGL on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Linux, custom 3D engines (PC-DOS, PC-Win3.1, PS1, Saturn)
2D and 3D animation systems with user friendly editors, 3D Studio Max plug-ins, and programmer APIs
Pipeline optimization of Renderware 2D and 3D engines for PS2, Xbox, and NGC.
Streaming audio engines with mixers, "3D" audio, real time equalization, and MIDI
Physics, AI, and automated gameplay bots systems for racing, sports and various simulations

Various compilers including Unity, Visual Studio, VS.NET, XCode, Eclipse, NetBeans, Code Warrior, Gcc, and Gdb
Git, Source Safe, Source Offsite, BitBucket, CVS, TortoiseCVS, Perforce, SVN, TortoiseSVN, Hamachi, Remobo
WinMerge, Araxis Merge
Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Flyspray, Bugzilla, Jira, Crashlytics, Pivotal Tracker
QSetup, Molebox
3D Studio Max plug-ins

Hardware Experience:
Computers: PC, Mac, Amiga, Apple ][
Mobile: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, PocketPC (WinCE)
Consoles: WiiMote, PS2 (IOP, VU1, VU2), Xbox, Game Cube, Play Station, Saturn, 3DO
Hand optimized Vector Unit (VU1 and VU2) graphics library for PS2
Streaming IO (audio, video, and data) using PS2 IOP
DMA and memory management systems
Custom 3D engine for Play Station 1
Coin-Op/Gaming: x86, 6809 and 68000
Systems using DirectX and OpenGL, using ATI and nVidia graphics cards
Programming entire systems from the "reset vector" up
Specialized hardware systems with custom graphics ASICs
IO subsystems including USB IO and light guns
Serial port control of external laser disc systems

University of Wisconsin - Stout Game Design and Development Program Advisory Board member
Created the curriculum for game development classes (400 level) and taught classes at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago:
* "Programming 2D and 3D Graphics with DirectX 9.0"
* "Programming Multimedia with .NET"
* "Digital Audio and Video"
* "Computer Games Development"
Initiated intern programs for students at both the high school and college level
Authored physics chapters in textbook used in game development courses

We are known for formidable technical skills and great leadership abilities.

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