Entertaining Games, Inc. was founded by Pierre Maloka in 2000 with the specific purpose of helping projects push the envelope of what can be done, while recognizing the limitations of the various platforms being targeted. We are known as people with formidable technical skills as well as great leadership abilities.

Platforms developed for by team members have included PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, AppleTV, coin-op, consoles (Wii, PS, XBox), hand-helds, online, and custom board solutions. Genres have ranged from shooters to music games to sports games to strategy games to simulations puzzle to card and casino games.

Because of our deep knowledge of video game development, we have extensive expertise that we can bring to serious devlopment in a wide set of fields such as:
  Agile Project Management
  3D Simulations
  Education and Social
  Image and Video Processing
  Sports Training
  Defense, First Responders, and Homeland Security
  Financial Reporting
  Smart Grid and Home Monitoring
  Media, Digital Marketing, and Sales Tools

We are known for formidable technical skills and great leadership abilities.

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