Entertaining Games has played a pivotal role in the development of complex software systems since the 1980's, with many years of experience helping teams excel from a wide range of companies including Wizards of the Coast, Microsoft, Midway Games, Disney, Incredible Technologies, Konami, Hasbro, Majesco Entertainment, ABC Sports, HBO, Intel, Time, US Music, Actionware, American Laser Games, Exelon, Rand McNally, Gould, Arthur Anderson, TLC Industries, Peat Marwick, Data East, TransLumen Technologies, Velocity, Web Foot, Imagination Pilots, Real Sports, Galloping Ghost, John S. Swift, and many more.

As a seasoned software professionals, we are adept at coming onboard during all phases of project development - from initial planning right up to the final, all-hands-on-deck, push for "gold", and making a positive impact on a project from day one. We bring years of experience working in diverse teams, with a focus on helping projects push the envelope of what can be done, while recognizing the limitations of the various platforms being targeted. We look forward to learning more about the ways that we can work together.

We are known for formidable technical skills and great leadership abilities.

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